We believe in building the skills of staff within our clients’ organisations and the communities we serve. We run training sessions for your organisation and mentor staff.

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Have you noticed your communications plans stalling because you are struggling to appropriately support and develop your communications staff member/s? 

Often, our clients are small organisations where staff members might have multiple roles, limited experience or lack the resources to provide strategic communications planning and guidance. The officers might also be struggling to have their colleagues understand the integrated nature of their role and value their advice.

That’s when you call the CommsMentor.

We will develop a mentoring plan tailored to your organisation’s specific communications needs and the staff member’s skill level, strengths, weaknesses and learning preferences, including professional development recommendations.

CommsMentor Program Read more about what’s included. Get in touch to discuss your needs.

CommsMentor Program

Media Training

The media is a powerful force in today's society because of its ability to influence opinion. Your team needs to understand the media landscape and communicate effectively to ensure your stories are told on your terms.

Fishbowl PR offers several media training options. Download our brochure for details.

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Theory of Change workshops

What change do your organisation’s programs deliver?

A Theory of Change is a method of showing how your organisation creates social or environmental change. This workshop is suitable for those wanting to articulate how their program delivers change; both to measure the impact and unearth the life-changing stories that help others get on board with what you do, such as funders or supporters.

What you will learn:
We will workshop one of your participant groups to highlight the effects of the activities you are offering. What impacts are the activities delivering and why?

The process:

  • Helps you identify and check your assumptions
  • Highlights evidence to prove what change you are creating or improve your program
  • Focuses on impact and an introduction to measuring it
  • Unearths stories that highlight the change

Who should attend:

Theory of Change Introduction:

This is for your internal team. Those involved in program delivery, program review, communication and funding applications will benefit from attending.

Change Focus:

This is for your program team, participants and their families/support networks and funders. This ensures you hear multiple view points.

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Business relationship planning

Are you looking for help to build sustainable relationships with organisations that support the work you do? In this workshop we take you through the key considerations to build relationships so that you can map out a plan and focus on priority stakeholders.

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