Social Impact Measurement

Many of our clients provide services that create a social impact but they struggle to demonstrate the value of their ‘social good’.

We see social impact measurement as a good match for our evidence-based communications approach, with many benefits for our clients. In conjunction with Mary-Anne Scully, we now offer the Social Impact Collective. This is a small-group approach to building social impact measurement awareness and expertise in our region.

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What is a Theory of Change and how is it useful?

Have you heard of a Theory of Change and wondered how it might help your organisation?

In this article we introduce the concept and give an example of how a Theory of Change can add value to your planning, delivery, evaluation, bids for government or philanthropic funding and of course, communications.

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Are you measuring?

Birgit and Mary-Anne launched the Social Impact Collective in 2017.

The Social Impact Collective offers you the tools and information your organisation needs to begin your social impact measurement journey.

We bring together like-minded organisations for a small group learning experience through an integrated program that will run over five weeks. Or we can deliver it in-house for your team.

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Social Impact

What's your program's social impact and why should you care?

Social impacts are those program outcomes that contribute to the wellbeing of the community but some have long been considered 'intangibles' and difficult to measure.

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What Our Clients Say

  • "Birgit recently put together a workshop designed specifically to meet our group’s needs on developing a communication strategy."

    "I was particularly impressed with Birgit’s understanding of the neighbourhood house sector and her ability to communicate effectively with the audience. This indicated to me that she had done her homework as well as increasing her understanding of the challenges and opportunities experienced by neighbourhood houses. The workshop really hit the mark and achieved the objectives we had set. "

    • Trish Curtis
      Network Coordinator, Upper Murray Regional Neighbourhood House Network

  • "Birgit’s experience in the media was extremely helpful: it allowed her to analyse media releases from a journalist’s perspective. As she lives in the region and is very familiar with local media outlets the training was relevant and in-line with our PR activity which added a lot of value to the session."

    • Alarna Parascos
      Marketing Coordinator, Hume Bank, Albury (2016)